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Clothing Exhibit 2008

Bockius-Orr House Summer Spring Clothing Display



by Gerry Martin

The recent exhibit at PVHA was a marked departure from past exhibits. In an outreach to the very diverse population of the Pajaro Valley, the House Committee solicited loans of clothing and artifacts. The response was overwhelming! Everyone who has seen the exhibit from locals to out of town visitors has been captivated by this cultural richness. A reception and open house in April was well attended and we are very grateful to all those who contributed to the success of the exhibition.

A heart felt thank you to Jane Borg, Scotty Carmichael, Goretti Carvalho, Mary Lou Daw, Doris and Frances Goon, Roisen Gunn, Fujiye Idemoto, Gayle Ivanovich, Kay Izumizaki, Margaret Kristich, Cathy Moresco, Cione Murakami, Martha Muzzi, Sophie Pateras, Belle Pimentel, Marlene Radovich, Maria Edite Silva, Tom and Nikole Simmons, Alex and Pat (Gospodnetich) Solano, Jess Tabasa, Eva Tuosto, Javier Vargas, and Spomenka Zaninovich.

In the next few weeks we will be moving from this richness of cultures to the mystery of women in black! The “ladies” are putting on their blackest finery in preparation for the Halloween Haunting. Be sure to pay them a visit!